Mit Roger am Set

Einmal mit Roger Federer zusammenarbeiten? Check and Done that. Beat konnte mich am Dreh für Oliver Brand vertreten und den Clip mit einfachsten Mitteln abfilmen.

See what happened when @RogerFederer couldn't resist our smooth melting LINDOR Chocolate. Our brand ambassador Roger Federer loves challenges as much as we do. So, call us the perfect team! Together we've decided to accept this year's #MannequinChallenge. Get ready now: We proudly present our video, filmed in the world famous LINDT Chocolateria in Kilchberg (Switzerland).
Roger Federer joins chocolate fans from around the world at the LINDT headquarters in Kilchberg (CH). Get to know how Roger Federer feels about meeting his fans from all around the world - and how they feel about meeting the Swiss tennis star at Lindt.